Variables defined with ‘=’ are recursively expanded variables.
Variables defined with ‘:=’ or ‘::=’ are simply expanded variables.
(Both forms are equivalent in GNU make; however only the ‘::=’ form is described by the POSIX standard.)


  • := (Simply Expanded Variable) The value is scanned for once and for all expanding any references to other variables and functions, when variable is defined. e.g.
    y:=$(x) bar
    so above is equivalent to
    y:=foo bar

  • += is used for appending more text to variables e.g.
    objects=main.o foo.o bar.o
    which will set objects to 'main.o foo.o bar.o new.o'

  • = is for recursively expanded variable.The value is install verbatim; if it contains reference to other variables these variables are expanded whenever this variable is substituted.And this is known as recursive expansion.

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