Last Christmas  去年的聖誕節
(Wham) (George Michael)

Last Christmas I gave my heart                         去年的聖誕節,我把心給了你
But the very next day you gave it away                 但隔年你就將它丟棄
This year to save me from tears                        今年我從淚水中力圖振作
I'll give it to someone special                        我會把心交給一個特別的人

Once bitten and twice shy                              曾經受傷,不免心存畏懼
I keep my distance                                     我保持距離
But you still catch my eye                             但你依然發現了我
Tell me baby                                           告訴我,寶貝
Do you recognize me                                    你認出我了嗎?
Well it's been a year                                  已經過了一年
It doesn't surprised                                   我並不驚訝

(Happy Christmas)                                      (聖誕快樂)
I wrapped it up and sent it                            我包裝好後將它送出
With a note saying "I love you"                        附上字條,寫著"我愛你"
I meant it                                             我是認真的
Now I know what a fool I've been                       現在我才知道當初多傻
But if you kissed me now                               如果你現在吻我
I know you'd fool me again                             你可以再次愚弄我

A crowded room                                         擁擠的房間裡
Friends with tired eyes                                朋友們眼神疲憊
I'm hiding from you and your soul of ice               我想避開你和你冰冷的靈魂
My god I thought you were someone to rely on me        老天,我曾經以為你是多麼倚賴我?
I guess I was a shoulder to cry on                     我想我就是你可以靠著哭泣的肩膀

A face on a lover with a fire in his heart             有著火熱的心的愛人臉龐
A man under cover but you tore me apart                刻意掩飾,你卻將我拆穿
Now I've found a real love you'll never fool me again  如今我已經找到珍愛,你再也不能愚弄我
A face on a lover with a fire in his heart             有著火熱的心的愛人的臉龐
A man under cover but you tore him apart               刻意掩飾,你卻將我拆穿
Maybe next year I'll give it to someone                也許明年我會把心交給一個人
I'll give it to someone special                        一個特別的人

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